Myofascial Release

Fascia is a continuous matrix of fibrous connective tissue that encases everything internally down to the cellular level. If the body experiences an acute trauma or chronic tissue damage, the fascia will transform from its gel-like consistency and harden creating pain, lack of movement and flexibility, and postural deviations.

Myofascial Release is an effective hands-on technique that that involves applying sustained pressure into the fascial restrictions allowing the fascia to then "unwind" and release physical holding patterns and psychological material. The Myofascial Release technique was founded by John F. Barnes, PT.

Raw Communication

Raw Communication is the development and understanding of Needs Literacy and Emotional Literacy.

Emotions are signals that lets us know that we have a need that is or is not being met. We must be able to make relation to our emotions, to what we feel, in order to meet our needs. In ITB, we use Raw Communication to discover the true emotions that lie at the source of our reactive behaviors and brings us into a closeness with rejected emotions. This then allows us to be able to honor those emotions, consciously articulate them, to then create a doable action to have our needs met.

In this modal we incorporate the work of R.A. Masters, Marshall Rosenburg, and Maslov's Hierarchy of Needs to identify, define, understand, and communicate our emotions and needs in a conscious and healthy way.


Integral Theory

Integral Theory is a modal coined by Ken Wilber that offers an all-inclusive mapping of consciousness using the AQAL framework. AQAL stands for "all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, and all types." Integral Theory provides us with a blueprint to help us "make sense of everything" from physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.


Mondo Zen

Mondo Zen consists of 16 enigmatic questions known as Koans. These koans are specifically designed with the intent to deconstruct our misinformed ego identities for the purpose of updating its philosophical orientation and to become consciously embedded in our deepest Self. Mondo Zen's Koans are the only known piece of technology that we know of that allows direct access to Heart Centered Awareness. It is formulated to help us connect with a way of perceiving from the seat of Pure Awareness rather than purely conceptual thinking.


Shamanic/Energy Medicine

Within the realm of Shamanic/Energy Medicine, we cover a variety of different modals including Chakra education, traditional shamanic soul retrievals, power animal journeys, aspect and shadow work, making relation to the Gate Keepers of the 4 Directions, archetype dialog, and much more. These tools allow us to explore our subconscious on a deeper level which helps us discover and retrieve answers we may have been seeking, to uncover and reintegrate "lost" aspects of ourselves, assist us in conscious decision making, provides us with a platform to receive information, and to resolve unfinished relationships and situations. We will explore and make relation with each of these to hone the skill sets to carry this medicine for yourself and others.