Our History

Integral Transformative Bodywork, or ITB, was created in 2009 by founder, fellow ITBer, and Integral Shaman Geoff West. Geoff has been able to apply the teachings of Ken Wilber, R.A. Masters, Marshall Rosenburg, meditation by the practices of Mondo Zen, and the Myofascial Release technique of John F. Barnes and made a cohesive framework for recovery and transformation that compliments one's natural movement to conscious evolution.

Geoff began offering Integral Transformative Bodywork as an after school program when he was a teacher at the Atlanta School of Massage from 2009-2012 for students who were interested in building their therapeutic skill set to facilitate the healing of the fascial system. ITB was designed to educate students on how trauma (physical, mental, or emotional) is held within the psychosomatic constructs. ITB treats a variety of conditions including PTSD and anxiety disorders, Fibromyalgia, Recovery from surgery, Chronic and Acute injuries, and many more.

ITB now offers classes to those interested in receiving, learning, and understanding the keys to your true transformation, maturation, and conscious evolution.  For therapists and other bodyworkers, we offer an ITB Mentorship as an opportunity to expand on your treatment skills and therapeutic application and learn to guide and support your clients through the Full Recovery process.