Cost: $400

Ages 13+


6-week course


This course is an invitation to deepen, enliven, and liberate with a trusted partner through various techniques of personal growth. The term "Partners" refers to any two (2) people (friends, family members and romantic partners) that are willing to commit to each other for 6 weeks of a deep diving, high flying, transformational journey.
Your partner will be the only person that you are practicing these techniques with in order to ensure safety as well as maintain your (and the groups) curiosity. The beauty of the pairing is that you’ll be able to practice and explore with each other as you see fit. This partnership can increase the stabilization of the education you receive from the nights that we meet. Pick a partner that you are well acquainted with, is like minded and willing to commit to the allotted time and willing to practice outside of the scheduled class time at least once a week.

This course is an opportunity to take what you absorb in the classroom and bring it into your daily life so your enrichment is only bound by your willingness to engage. So join Geoff and dare to uncover your Vast Awareness, Thundering Heart and Imperturbable Love.

This course includes...

  • Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques to treat yourself and your partner.

  • Practice listening exercises and communication techniques to facilitate each others growth and healing.

  • Education on Integral topics to create a more inclusive map of consciousness.

  • Education and tools to work through and integrate Shadow (material).

  • Facilitator Geoff West's vast and refined expertise in Integral Shamanism and ITB as he "walks beside you" through your journey.

Other details...

  • This is a 6 week course (one night a week)

  • Cost is $400. $100 deposit to reserve you and your partners’ seat.

  • Payment options are available!

  • Your partner may be a friend, family member, romantic partner or professional peer.

  • These classes are open to all walks of life and you don't need to be in the healthcare profession to participate.

  • Ages 13 and up are welcome.

  • Class size varies with location.

  • Once the deposit and space is reserved you are expected to pay the full amount.