Meet the Team


Rev. Geoffrey Koshin West

LMT MT#004058

NCBTMB Approved Provider #690

Geoff West has been a licensed massage therapist (LMT) since 1998 and a student of “energetic medicine” (EM) and personal transformation since 1991. A “nervous breakdown” in his early teens began his journey and lead him to a 2 month stay at Siddha Yoga Ashram at age 16, creating a bedrock in meditation practice. Geoff has since centered his life around the refinement of “subtle bodywork”, the transformational power of touch, and sharing his hard-won insights about the many varieties of intimacy and embodied enlightenment. Though his formal training is in massage therapy, he has been a constant student of Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL Model of human potential and development and a dedicated student/advocate of Non-Violent Communication founded by Dr. Marshal Rosenberg. As an instructor at Atlanta School of Massage (ASM [2000-2013]) he also complimented his education by attending White Winds Institute of Energetic Healing (’00 & ’07) under Dr. Fernand Poulin learning and refining his sensitivity skills of “seeing, hearing and feeling” the chakras and the rest of the intrinsic bio energy system of the body. While his education at ASM strongly favored orthopedic assessment and rehabilitative massage therapy skills, his education at White Winds was about including a “whole human approach” to health, empowerment and human potentials. From these two institutions he forged foundational skills that would then be complimented by J. F. Barnes style Myofascial Release (MFR) and Mondo Zen.

During the treatment of thousands of clients over the years, Geoff refined his philosophical orientation to bodywork. Feeling he had “found” a unique treatment philosophy and technique, he shared his discoveries with a fellow massage peer. “She informed me that what I had deduced and refined was nearly identical to the work of J.F. Barnes and his myofascial release; I remember being relieved that others had found what I did, and I could learn more,” Geoff recalls. After several MFR classes with Barnes, Geoff chose to make MFR his specialization. Still an instructor at ASM, he started an MFR study group, sharing and exploring the depth and breadth of how MFR and his other skills in EM, Integral Theory melded together into something greater. This “something greater” was the beginning of what would soon become Integral Transformative Bodywork (ITB) and the students/professionals he worked and explored side by side with were his teachers and advocates.

The thousands of hours with the inspiring and dedicated hearts of the MFR study group revealed to Geoff a gap in ITB. And during his study of Integral, he came upon a conversation between “Mr. Integral Theory”, Ken Wilber and Junpo Dennis Kelley, Head of order in Rin Zai Zen and creator of Mondo Zen. Deeply inspired by Junpo’s masterful Mondo Zen offering, Geoff knew what was to fill the gap in ITB. He attended his first Mondo Zen sesshin in 2012, took his teacher training soon after and has been an advocate and student of Mondo Zen ever since. Geoff had the honor of sharing ITB with Junpo’s successor, Doshin Michael Nelson and his Denver, CO sangha creating an ally in the personal transformation/human potential movement. In 2018 Geoff was initiated into Doshin’s Integral Zen Sangha (group) as a “Lay Teacher” and given the name Koshin which means “Shining Heart.” Geoff and ITB are currently collaborating with Doshin to bring Integral Zen to Ga in 2019.

Since 2012, Geoff has been providing Continuing Education credits (CE’s) in the ITB modal of health and personal transformation to other LMT’s around Atlanta. In 2014 he began providing the ITB Mentorship to LMT’s that wanted to refine their skills and represent ITB in the world. He has now trained over 100 LMT’s in his CE program and has a dedicated group of practitioners in the ITB Mentorship. Geoff and ITB are now branching out to provide education of ITB to the general population and special groups like veterans, women’s and men’s groups, youth groups, and addiction recovery groups.

Along with providing classes, Geoff also offers ceremonies for: weddings and separations, welcoming ceremonies for newborns and children, Coming of Age ceremonies for boys, adult maturation ceremonies, funeral and "deathing" ceremonies for humans and animals.

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Erika Larson

LMT MT#000173 | ITB Steward

A patchwork quilt of awesome, Erika is consciously exploring the space where science and art overlap in wonder.  Blending a variety of seemingly disparate backgrounds allows her the integrative complexity necessary to navigate both the seemingly mundane and the novel aspects of this human experience.  During her training as an engineer, she gained a theoretical understanding of the human body and its functionality in both a healthy state and a state of dis-ease.  Attending massage school allowed Erika to gain a practical perspective. 

She has an interest in factors that contribute massage therapists successfully engaging in formal research endeavors and improving visual representations for describing therapeutic massage and bodywork in research publications.  As the lead research massage therapist in the collaborative partnership between Emory University and the Atlanta School of Massage, Erika has worked on research projects investigating massage for generalized anxiety disorder and massage for cancer-related fatigue.  She presents massage therapy research at conference and mentors massage therapists completing case studies.

Beginning in 2010, ITB became part of her quest to be her most fully integrated self and thereby fully engage in the human experience.  Her process of full recovery involves moving beyond having intellectualized emotions and creating space to walk gently.  As a result of this conscious and active participation in life, ripples from her celebration of that which alive in her echo through the world.

She was initiated as a steward in 2016 and has been assisting with ITB continuing education courses and workshops.  She has been exploring avenues to engage the community through artistic expression and participated in ITB’s inaugural art show, Heart Becomes Art.  Erika seeks opportunities to share the importance of ceremony in the human experience, especially in working with the living to transform their relationship with those who are no longer physically present.


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Annie Pelka

LMT | ITB Steward

Annie Pelka, originally from Chicagoland, studied the art of movement at the University of North Texas receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Dance. She moved to Atlanta, Ga as a performer and teacher, and found a home at the Atlanta School of Massage. It was at this time that she met Geoff West and began to engage in a deep connection to myofascial release and raw communication. Studying hands on bodywork and deciphering common movement patterns proved to be the foundation for her practice after becoming a licensed Massage Therapist.

After 5 years in the field of massage, and close to 10 years of training performers in dance and movement, Annie dove head first into the Mentorship with Geoff West and the ITB community. Integral Transformative Bodywork served as a way to develop her personal strengths and integrate her glorious weaknesses. She was initiated into the ITB ranks in April 2016 and continues to use the tools and lessons learned in every facet of her life.

Currently living in Iowa, Annie teaches college age students in the performing arts. She continues to grow a private practice in myofascial release and sports rehab techniques in Ames, while also teaching neuromuscular massage techniques at Body Wisdom Massage School in Urbandale, IA.


Sarah Daniel

LMT MT#007181 | ITB Steward

Sarah "Kat" Daniel was born and raised in North Dakota. In my twenties, I lived all around the Untied States and eventually settled in Atlanta, Ga where I began working in the logistics industry. After 7 years in a high stress corporate environment, I decided it was time to make a change so I enrolled at the Atlanta School of Massage's night program in 2009. After graduation, I quit logistics and I now spend my time helping those closest to my heart, the employees of corporate America. I met Geoff West while attending the Atlanta School of Massage and was immediately drawn to ITB. I had become so numb and empty during my twenties that seeing Geoff use ITB to thaw and connect people with their True Self was nothing short of a miracle for me. By the time I began ITB therapy I was drinking daily, depressed and directionless. I was tired of living this sedated life and then I saw how ITB, especially the bodywork aspect, could cut through the armor I had unconsciously erected over the past 15 years. It was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. And most importantly, I would like to state, it took my conscious participation. I had to want to change. The tools offered by ITB are amazing tools but without my commitment to a new "center of gravity" the therapy would not have been as transformational as it was.

I am now a, still, beautifully broken but AWAKENED human being committed to sharing ITB with the world. I have traveled my own dark path so you know you won't be alone when you join us on your own journey. I've been studying and working under Geoff for 6 years now. I handle a bit of the business side for ITB and currently and a teacher's assistant in Geoff's Mentorship.

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Amy Frederick

LMT MT#001705 ITB Steward

Amy is a native of Georgia who dedicates her life to the betterment of herself and others. She graduated from Atlanta School Of Massage in 2005. She went on to practice massage therapy with a population of people with various pain conditions for 10 years. During that time Amy experienced a traumatic event as she was preparing to transition into adulthood. She came to realize that it hamstrung her ability to function. Frustrated with the barriers, stumbling blocks, and obstructions she knew she needed to take action. She reached out to Geoff West and started mentoring with him in 2015. Amy was ecstatic to find a lasting program to continue her education in massage therapy and healing arts. During the mentorship, Geoff challenged her idea of what massage therapy is and imparted a refreshing perspective on how to continue practicing massage therapy. Participating with the pillars of ITB equipped her with a practical means of recovery from her trauma and self discovery. Inspired, she honed her visualization skills and through exploring the archetypal aspects of her psyche she uncovered an underlying storyline of herself. Accepting the keys to the most vast frontier she dismantled, reclaimed, and rebuilt herself as a more whole, fulfilled, and dynamic human being. Empowered, she leans into not knowing with curiosity and excitement. Amy was initiated into ITB Stewardship in October 2018. She is committed to share the knowledge she has acquired during the ITB mentorship to support others in her life and in her massage practice in Winder, Georgia.