Shamanic Journey

Cost: $75 per person

Ages 12 and up

10:00 am-6:00 pm

1:00 pm lunch break


As with all ITB classes, we approach this class with an "Integral Lens". This provides an "integral education" in the ancient practice of "the journey of connecting to your power animal". In this class, we will explore the history of this journey and how it can be used in the 21st century to support health, integration, and transcendence.

This is an opportunity to connect and nurture a connection to the more primal portions of your brain (reptilian/mammalian) and ancient portions of your consciousness. Traditionally this journey was taken to deepen one's connection to unseen, subtle energies that can...

  • Increase perceptivity to support functionality in everyday activities

  • Heal emotional/mental traumas from early childhood

  • Integrate parts of our wholeness that lay undeveloped or that we've disconnected from

  • Help us navigate and push into new potentials