Unpack Dreams & Visions

Cost: $75 per person

Ages 12 and up

10:00 am-6:00 pm

1:00 pm lunch break


To "unpack" dreams and visions means to explore the deeper meanings and momentums of our inner, often mysterious, lives. Join Integral Shaman, Geoff West for an expedition into the deeper insights of your dreams and visions. As individuals that have chosen to look at the deeper meanings of our lives, to understand and actualize our deeper potentials, we are often touched and moved by dreams and visions of our inner lives. These "inner sights" tell us tales of secret intuitions and "hidden treasures" that, with proper tools, one can uncover potentially catapulting our daily lives in more fulfilling directions, deepening our relationships, and vivifying our spiritual worlds.

From this class you will walk away with...

  • An understanding of collective and personal mythologies that differ and the value of each.

  • An opportunity to work with Geoff West to tap into the deeper meaning of and "unpack" any dreams and visions you've experienced using practical, step by step, full bodied tools.

  • Experience "returning to" a dream or vision to better understand what messages have surfaced.