An Integral Life

Cost: $75 per person

Ages 12 and up

10:00 am-6:00 pm

1:00 pm lunch break


There is a "great experiment" happening as you read this! You and I, "We" are unfolding and enfolding this thing called "existence". As you read these lines, the vast and juicy complexity that is the "Human Experience" is flickering and vibrating as Life bubbles and "All Things" arise. What a beautiful opportunity!!

In ITB, the cornerstone of our work is efficiency in witnessing through an "Integrally Informed Lens". We consciously choose this lens because we understand that any view worth having "must not block insight". So it is with this offering that Integral Shaman, Geoff West, will present an introductory exploration of Integral Theory, its potentials in life, and how it impacts all of your relationships.

On this expedition we'll encounter...

  • Levels and Lines, States and Stages, Quadrants and Types which you'll come to know as the Integral Map.

  • Geoff will tell "The Story of the Ego's Growth", uncover what "transcendence" truly means, and how Shadow plays a part.

  • The 4 definitions of "Spiritual" and if it really matters if you're spiritual.

  • The definition of an "Integral Life" and how to make one for yourself.