ITB Mentorship

Integral Transformative Bodywork provides on-going guidance in that art and science of ITB refinement in the form of a mentoring program. This refinement process is meant for any healthcare practitioner interested in diving deeper into the complexity of the 5 Pillars and how they harmoniously interconnect in service to the modal of Full Recovery.


Who Is This For?

The ITB mentorship is for any licensed healthcare practitioner interested in immersing themselves in the momentum of personal transformation of self and client. Since there is considerable hands-on bodywork content all mentee’s must have an active license in their professional field.

With that said, this mentorship is for professionals interested in:

  • Proficiency in the 5 Pillars of ITB and being of service to others working towards Full Recovery.

  • Educating and enhancing their clients’ life and potential of performance.

  • A comprehensive and fully integrated recovery and potential program.

  • Practicing at the cutting edge of human potential and recovery.

  • Enjoying the benefits of joining a community of heart centered, highly functional, dynamic people in the pursuit of exploring and embodying the Vast Potential alive inside them.

Our Intentions For Mentorship

  • Support each mentee in the proficiency and embodiment of the ITB 5 Pillars.

  • Provide a safe and functional learning environment for the mentee to explore and be impacted by the 5 Pillars in their personal journey through Full Recovery.

  • The production of ITB practitioners that are proficient in providing Full Recovery to “all sentient Beings”.

  • Engage in open, honest and vulnerable sharing, challenging, and exploration in service to the ever unfolding and evolving ITB lifestyle.



To Join

  1. Contact ITB with your intent to join the mentorship.

  2. An ITB rep will contact you and schedule an in-person interview with Lead Facilitator, Geoff West. This mandatory interview is to create a personal connection between mentee and mentor, clarify responsibilities of both parties, and answer any and all questions the mentor and mentee may have.

  3. Upon the conclusion of this interview Geoff and mentee prospect will agree on where the mentee would like to attend and a start date. The location of the mentorship is in Buckhead, Ga and there is an opportunity for other locations upon request.

  4. Within a week of the agreed start date the mentee will receive an email from ITB which will contain guidelines for participation and the mentorship outline.

$150/month, we meet twice a month.


Starting The Mentorship

The mentorship has no official start or end date. When you begin your mentorship, there may be others that have been in the mentorship for a few months or years. New mentees and senior mentees mix and enrich the mentorship process. New mentees benefit from the senior mentees and get a clear view of where they are heading in their education. Senior mentees benefit from the fresh eyes and perspectives of the new mentees.

The review of the 5 Pillars is a natural progress of the mentorship and adds to their refinement as we all grow and deepen each other. Since the 5 Pillars overlap and support each other, the program unfolds dynamically so the mentee can experience and express the freedom and fullness, depth, and complexity of ITB.

Though there is not an official start or end date for the mentorship there is an option to refine and move up in position. We call them initiations. The initiations are declarations of your choice to embody and support the values and future of ITB in the world. With each initiation comes more education, responsibility, and opportunity.